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We only accept PayPal as a method of payment, you will be directed to PayPal to make your payment.
Any information received from the user to Thousand Fans is encrypted and never stored.
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Thousand Fans will only be used to boost the appearance of your social platform, passwords are never required.
Payment and personal information received will only be used to fill your order.
We have the right to change, mend or update any of our services at any time, including delivery times and prices, to bring users even better quality.
Thousand Fans free tools section will only be used in a sensible way and any repeat attempts to submit will be generally marked as spam. You will not receive your free order in this case. Once submitted you use the tool only once every 24 hours to prevent spam or overload.
Any order from Thousand Fans cannot be reversed, paused or reset once started. We reserve the right to deactive any service on site that is not working, needs updating or requires maintenance, until it is fixed and fully working again. Otherwise, any service showing on site is fully working.
Thousand Fans does not guarantee a set delivery time for any service. Some of our packages you will start to see results within a few minutes while other packages may take up to 24 hours. You should wait no longer than 24 hours in general, to begin seeing results. Any service time stated is estimated because it can vary during busier periods.
Contact us in 48 hours after placing an order if you think your order is stuck or hasn't processed. This is very uncommon however, Thousand Fans will fully or partially refund your money via PayPal depending on the status. You can only claim this within 14 days.
We will not refund once your order has been delivered, gone past the first 14 day period or if your URL is misplaced, private or incorrect. Ensure your link is working and set publicly before placing any order.
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